Startecheus is a next-generation FinTech studio that builds technology-enabled companies empowering
the financial services industry from the concept to growth stages,  while assisting and mentoring
throughout their entire life cycle, leading to a successful exit in international commercialization.






Startecheus operates at the intersection of Innovative Technology and Financial Services with a vision to empower the digital, artificial intelligence and blockchain fields.

Startecheus is the best partner for entrepreneurs creating successful companies out of corporate innovations. As opposed to consultancies, innovation labs or IT services we are aligned with our partners’ goals in creating long-term business value by being an active shareholder.

Startecheus is deeply involved over the whole venture life cycle supporting the development and scaling of innovative solutions that have a strong product-market fit. This makes a joint venturing with Startecheus unique and beneficial for both sides.

"So much of venture capital
is pattern recognition."

Emily Weiss

Who we are

We are company builders in the fintech industry with an extensive knowledge in growing a successful business: a very entrepreneurial, diverse founding team and a deep know-how in the financial services and regulations as well as a network of strong partners and investors.

Startecheus is an execution powerhouse thanks to its deep and broad intellectual capital – and most importantly by exchanging every single day on how to become better.

We believe that industry focus is central to achieving the best results.







Startecheus FinLab

“Entrepreneurs all-in-one environment.”

Startecheus FinLab is the value creation engine within Startecheus. We combine our proprietary expertise in financial technology with that of participants in our ecosystem. We provide the insight, connections and diligence needed to unlock and accelerate value for our portfolio companies and partners.

Startecheus FinLab discovers like a beginner and executes like an expert. We believe in the infinite potential of technology and innovation, we understand the difference between hype and real potential and we rely on best practice and diligence to achieve measurable results.

Startecheus FinLab invests an initial ticket of USD100k in selected FinHub start ups.

IDEA/Create → MVP/accelerate → GROW / Early Adopters → DEPLOY / Mergers & Acquisitions → Exits

Startecheus Finnovation Fund I

We invest directly in our start-ups, nurture and monitor our portfolio companies and create value to our LPs Private and institutional Funding capacity.

Fund Types:
Hybrid Fund model combining both Private/Institutional & 331 funding, investing directly in our promising FinHub graduate start ups and international ones. We nurture and monitor our portfolio companies and create value for them and our LPs.

Fund Criteria:
Late Seed up to Series B
Investing in FinTech with deep core technologies
USD500k to USD2M tickets.



Startecheus Technology Academy

”Best practices and know how training Academy”

We provide our entrepreneurs with up-to-date focused training sessions from industry experts, corporate leaders, and academic partners in order to transfer some of the best practices, tools, and resources available out there for our startups to develop and scale in such a competitive global market.

We allow expats and experts to transfer their knowledge, experiences and best practices to the new generation of entrepreneurs.

Governance Management

Strong governance, Coaching and Monitoring with Regional and Global Market Studies

Startecheus’s Governance Management has vast experience and diverse skills in digital entrepreneurship, the financial services industry, venture capital and management consulting.

With curiosity, we evaluate innovative fintech business models and develop these ideas into successful companies that have a real impact.

We are a reliable and trusted partner and have a strong will to get better every day, by collaborating within the StartechEUS team and all partners of our ecosystem.


We are a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs providing them with substantial funding, state-of-the-art Fintech office space, relevant trainings delivered by domain experts through our training academy, market research studies and market access to EU & USA, continuous support and guidance.

Open Doors

Through leveraging our partners and the network of our investors, committee and board, we provide our entrepreneurs and startups access to EU and US markets through conducting well-researched studies about these markets and their needs, arranging site-visits, organizing collaborative events and workshops with success stories.


We protect the IP of our entrepreneurs and Startups to overcome nascent local IP policies, through mirror companies in EU and USA that hold all IPs.

"Partner with everyone
and you become no one."

Santosh Kalwar


We provide our startups
with a state-of-the-art office space,
and a chance to work side by side
with other entrepreneurs.

Our offices use the best practices from co-working hubs across the globe, and is an open, flexible space designed to facilitate interaction and productivity.

Aside from the physical space, working at our office our includes access to an ever-growing network of entrepreneurs, investors, business and technology services, partners, and more.