The fintech industry in the Levant area is moving forward with the launch of its first finhub.


The fintech industry in the Levant area is moving forward with the launch of its first finhub, StartechEUS, in Beirut Digital District (BDD) this month.

Established in 2018 by Alexandre Harkous, the former founder and CEO of computer software company BI SAM Technologies, StartechEUS has partnered with Lebanese International Finance Executives (LIFE, a diaspora-centric platform for Lebanese financiers), the Central Bank and BDD to empower the Levant fintech industry through a whole array of training, consultancy and workshops. Besides supporting startups with capital funding and mentorship, StartechEUS FinHub offers office spaces and market research developed through its StartechEUS Technology Academy, in collaboration with BDD.

“Through leveraging our tech experience and knowledge together with the support and contribution of our partners, we aim to provide our entrepreneurs with selective focused trainings that match their needs and strengthen their technical skills so that they can transform their innovative ideas into reality,” StartechEUS’ chief technology officer Nizar Ajeeb explained in a press release.

The new finhub hopes to become an all-in-one environment for entrepreneurs, also providing “finnovation”, governance management and training through a tech academy.

A self-described next-gen fintech studio, StartechEUS focuses on the empowerment of four main fields: cybersecurity, web & mobile digital solutions, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. The website boasts a connection with a 100-strong fintech executive network that can help give fintech startups access to international markets and seed funding.